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I still remember the exact moment when I looked at you and thought "Wow,,Hes Perfect."
2:13 AM, October 13.
We went to an overnight-haunted-amusement park with two of our friends. After the screaming had been done, the pictures had been taken, the laughs had been shared, and the memories made, it was time for something none of us were looking foward to. The two hour car ride home.We all piled in the car, you, me, &Jeniffer in the back,& Tanya riding shotgun.Everyone else had fallen asleep but me&you.We had a headphon in each ear, leaning up against eachother ready to fall asleep, listening to Eminem. You (being the weird kid you are) started singing to me.:) Hah, At that moment I closed my eyes, and imagined you. Blonde hair, green eyes, tall, athletic. Was this really happening??  This was it. The moment when i looked at you and thought"Wow,Hes perfect"
Does this mean were dating? Hecckkk noooo.
You have no idea what I would give to go back to this moment.
I love you.:)


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